So Duke Lost to UNC. But Were We Really the Big Losers Last Night?

It’s true, last night the Tarheels beat Duke. Point one for Satan. However, was Duke really the big loser? Every time UNC plays Duke they expose themselves to the world. They’re no winners. When it comes down to it, UNC chokes every time they meet the Blue Devils. Remember how they lost to Duke earlier this year in Cameron Indoor? Yeah, they lost to the team that lost to NC State, and UNC destroyed NC State. UNC also lost to Virginia, a team that Duke beat pretty easily. It’s basically been proven that UNC can only barely scrape by when playing Duke. Their defense sucks, and Duke is almost always given the chance to counter back with a 2 or 3. That’s another thing, UNC can drive like nobody’s business, but when playing a team with range, they need to learn how to get more looks outside the perimeter. UNC is a pretty solid team, but every time they play Duke they prove to the world that they will never be good enough. UNC is not going to win the national championship. They’re too flawed. So I really feel like the took the L tonight. UNC U N Sucks.

The second loser that comes to mind is Notre Dame. This game really sucked for them. Along with having all of their players and fans bear an unfortunate resemblance to leprechauns, Notre Dame also has the unfortunance of being tied for 2nd in the ACC now. Second is the first to lose. They must really be beating themselves up right now. Remember when they went through that four game losing streak? Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia, UNC? I’m surprised anyone stuck around to watch them after that… And they didn’t just lose to Duke, they lost to Jeff Capel. Enough said. So maybe the Fighting Irish were the real losers of the game. And now all their poor fans have to go to work on Monday and stand there in front of everyone like they aren’t big losers.

Roy Williams has a dab video that actually makes you wonder if living in a world like this is actually worth it anymore, never forget that.


Author: ifojsinnocentthansoisgraysonallen

Cameron Crazy, Devoted Fan, Tent Enthusiast

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