Grayson Allen, Welcome to Your Intervention

Grayson Allen will make a great psychologist one day. (If you don’t get it he’s a psychology major.) If you haven’t heard, Grayson’s done messed up again. His anger got the best of him. He got T’d up and ended up scoring no points against Syracuse. Now, well he had a great game versus Louisville, Grayson’s entire career is still in jeopardy. He’s just not cutting it. Where are his award nominations? Why isn’t he on any All- ACC team? ¬†Grayson is in trouble when draft time comes. He is failing to keep it together. I want the world for Grayson, I’m not a hater whatsoever. However, there comes a time when you must give a wake up call to those that are struggling in order to help them snap out of it. Grayson Allen, welcome to your intervention.

Grayson is too angry for his own good. Passion is a beautiful thing. With passion, doctors are able to perform life saving operations, entire countries are able to get independence, and young minds are able to spark revolutions. There is nothing wrong with playing with your heart. However, Grayson has allowed his anger to grow inside him like a cancer, causing him to snap after any bad call or moment of panic. Grayson really needs to cool it. I don’t think he has psychological issues. Considering the hate he gets, his reactions are absolutely normal. But that doesn’t make them okay. It’ll take more than deep breaths and yoga to fix his problems. If Grayson wants to get better, he needs to have a ‘come to Jesus’ style meeting where he finds the root of all his issues.

Grayson also needs to find where he fits in to the team. Some games he drops 18, others he drops zero. Grayson still doesn’t know how to contribute to the team. They need him, alright, but there’s nothing he offers consistently. Luke is always the go to for threes. Amile has rebounds. Jason is a dynamic dribbler. Frank can drive and has great vision. Grayson needs to pinpoint something he can work hard to consistantly offer in order to thrive. He used to be a go to for driving. The team needs more from him now. As much as it breaks my heart to see him not start, I get it. He’s a coin flip, and the team never knows what kind of performance they’ll get from him. When he was a starter, no one ever knew what to expect from him each game. He need to work to be more solid, and he’ll rise up on the team.

Grayson needs to focus. The only that should matter to him is getting drafted. Grayson took summer classes in order to get his degree this year. His plan was always to apply for the draft after junior year, mostly because this years team looked so promising. He cannot afford to stick around as a four year player, but it looks like he’s going to have to. His stock is tanked. Grayson needs to find a way to make everything better for him, for his future. I want to watch him on the NBA not Dr. Phil. It was a big mistake to drop out of last year’s significantly easier draft.

Moral of the story, Grayson has a lot of work to do. But, as Abby Lee Miller has said about her favorite, “some kids are just special.” Grayson is a special, special kid who has made big plays for Duke. There’s no denying the fact that he won them the national championship. Grayson has created his own scale for judgement. He can turn this around, but it’ll take some work.

UNC has argyle uniforms, never forget that.


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Cameron Crazy, Devoted Fan, Tent Enthusiast

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