March Madness

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… at least if you’re a fan of college basketball. It’s a time of celebration, heartbreak, journey, Cinderella Stories, and lots of “dancing.” Small schools come out of no where and make it to the Sweet Sixteen. It’s a time where good always triumphs evil, and big players make big plays that change their entire careers. Now I don’t want to give away my bracket until it’s submitted, but I do want to talk about some important NCAA memories.

Fifty Shades of Grayson:

Back in 2015, Grayson Allen when from playing five minutes a game to scoring a record breaking 24 point off the bench during the finals. The game before that, Grayson went viral for his huge dunk he made off the rebound of his missed three. The tournament changed his entire life. It’s the reason why last season was completely set up around Grayson as Duke’s star. It’s why he could get drafted (if teams don’t mind a little controversy). He hustled, he made shots, and he drove the ball better than any other player on the court. He’s a fine example of what amazing things can happen during the tournament.

Beating Baylor:

Remember when the entire nation thought Duke wasn’t gonna make it to see the Sweet 16?  Yeah, so do I. Funny. If you want to be successful in March Madness, never forget this: Duke is NEVER the underdog. They were underestimated by the public, making the win so much better. Great things happen in March. I can only hope this happens with Villanova and Duke again this year. Don’t sleep on the Blue Devils. They make it work.

UNC players have to look at their jerseys when people ask them what college they go to, never forget that.


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Cameron Crazy, Devoted Fan, Tent Enthusiast

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