So Luke Kennard’s Gone… What’s Next for Duke?

Luke Kennard. Number five. This season’s breakout star. Luk3. Kennard has left for the draft, and he’s not coming back. He’s getting an agent. There will be no dropping out after getting in practices with NBA teams. Luke’s gone. And it’s the smartest thing he’s ever done. I know, as a fan of Duke you’d expect me to be pissed that he’s leaving. However, any real fan would be thrilled. He’s setting himself up for success. He’s not making the same mistake Grayson made last year. In this day and age, where one and dones are glamorous, your stock drops every second you get older. Kennard will find a nice team, hopefully one that needs a shooter, and he’ll find his place. I could see him bypassing the D-League and jumping straight into being an off the bench, few minutes a game player.

So what’s next? One of two things.

Grayson Allen stays. Luke really stole his thunder this season (ignoring the fact that they’re a team and there are no names attached to their buckets, just Duke), so Grayson will have one more chance at redemption. He’ll be able to play his true position, shooting guard, which will give him more shots. Grayson will have a great season, but he won’t be player of the year or anything. And when the draft comes along, he’ll still be in the late first early second pick. So would it really be worth it?

Grayson Allen leaves. He cannot risk having another poor performing season filled with boos, trips, and benches. He would go in the second round. If he’s lucky, the team will see his hard work and dedication in practices, giving him a minimal role that could eventually get bigger as his skills improve. Or, Grayson could get sent to the D-League to improve his game. Grayson is no D-League player. It wouldn’t suit him at all, and it might ruin him to the point of no return.

Grayson has a tough decision. Either way, only fate can decide rather he makes it or crashes and burns. Luke’s decision definitely weighs on him. On one hand, it opens the door for his success at Duke. On the other, Luke just passed him on the Due totum pole. What a wake up call, from ACC player of the year to back up player in the Kennard Show. Best of luck to G, either way.